Russia’s Beautiful Turquoise Lake is now an ash dump for coal-plant.

There is a man-made beautiful lake in Novosibirsk, Russia, which has attracted many people because of its lively blue tint. In any case, as per the Siberian Generating Company, which claims the lake, it’s really a fiery debris dump from a coal plant and contact with the water ought to stay away from no matter what.

a signboard reading “Maldives” is displayed by a lake in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, about 2,800 kilometers (1,750 miles) east of Moscow, Russia.

The beautiful shade of the water, which has driven some to name it the “Siberian Maldives”, originates from calcium salts and metal oxides broke down in it which gives it a high antacid substance.
In a social media post, the organization cautioned guests not to get into the water in a quest for a selfie. Despite the fact that the water isn’t harmful, the base of the lake was sloppy and “practically incomprehensible” to escape alone, it said.

On account of its online networking star status, the lake even has its own Instagram account: @maldives_nsk.
Posts show Instagrammers presenting by the lake’s edge or paddleboarding in the sky blue water. One client is even imagined riding an inflatable swan.

Dmitry Shakhov, a Russian environmentalist, warned that the water in the lake can cause allergic reactions or even chemical burns if ingested or touched.

“This water is saturated with heavy metals (and) harmful substances,” he said.

The Siberian Generating Company said Friday it has deployed guards to keep trespassers at bay but insists the lake presents no environmental danger.

Unfortunately, the warnings seem only to have attracted more visitors and even a fan account called Novosibirsk Maldives that has collected nearly 200 posts from the ash dump’s beguiling waters.

One post suggested that so many tourists had begun visiting the site that local thieves had started breaking into cars while visitors took photographs.

Another wrote that the power station’s management had begun closing roads to the ash dump because of the “big flow of people from Novosibirsk” to the site.

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