New Breed of Wasp, found in Goa, India.

Researchers have as of late distinguished another type of wasp from the class Kudakrumia in Goa. The wasp, Kudakrumia rangnekari, has been named after Goa-based scientist Parag Rangnekar. It has a place with a variety of Kudakrumia. The Kudakrumia is a sort of crude wasps that is portrayed and recently known distinctly from Sri Lanka.

Kudakrumia rangnekari

The new species was gathered in Cotigao Wildlife haven. The Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in South Goa locale, of Goa. The haven was set up in 1968.

“A species being named after me comes as a complete surprise. Mixed feelings at the moment, of joy and for some unknown reason slightly uncomfortable,” Mr. Rangnekar said.  The new species was collected in the forests of Western Ghats.

His journey to archive the butterflies of this interesting locale brought about a record of 220 animal groups, of which 13 species had not been portrayed previously.

He is the writer of the book “Butterflies of Goa”, which is maybe the first field manage with photos of the species found in this area.

Mr. Rangnekar, who is the author leader of the Goa Bird Conservation Network, has now taken up the documentation of the dragonflies in the State.

The holotype is from Kotigao Wildlife Sanctuary of Goa of northern Western Ghats and the paratype is from the Ranipuram slope of Kerala of southern Western Ghats.

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