Drunk men stone Jallikattu bull to death in Tamil Nadu

Bull being teased by the youth

In a video being circulated in social media, one among the men is seen provoking the animal tied to a tree by hurling mud on it.

The terrified animal attempts to charge on him, but ends up knocking its head on the tree.

The youth apparently drunk moves around the tree and even touches its horns while standing on the safer side of the tree.

The two other persons, who were not visible in the video, hurl stones on the animal hurting it further.

At one point, the tortured bull gets its horns broken by ramming its head on the tree. And subsequently goes down its knees and collapses to death.

The bull had met with its gory fate on June 5, however the incident came to light only now, when the video began to circulate in social media.

It was found that Vetrivel, 35 a resident of Papparapatty in Krishnagiri town owned the bull, which used to participate in eruthu vidum vizha (bull race).

He had tied the bull as usual in his land near a graveyard on the fateful day and had gone to work. On his return in the evening, Vetrivel found the bull lying dead with its horn broken and with blood injuries all over its head.

He believed the animal to have turned aggressive and hit itself on the tree and cremated it. Though no case has been registered yet, the cruel incident has prompted animal activists to urge the police to initate action against the offenders.

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